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best salad recipes

Oak salad with crozine, goat cheese and marmalade onion.

best salad recipes

Oat salad (red and green) — 2 tufts
Shallots — 1 pc.
Stalks of celery — 2 pcs.
Pine nuts — 1 handful
Fresh fennel — 1 pc.
Bread of ciabatta — 1 pc.
Cheese Cheese «Chevre» — 2 packs
Olive oil — 70 ml
Vinegar crimson — 10 ml

For marmalade onions
Shallot onion — 4 pcs.
Red dry wine — 300 ml
Cinnamon — 1 stick
Badyan — 1 star
Bay leaf — 1 pc.
Pepper fragrant peas — 2 pcs.
Honey — 35 g

Prepare the marmalade onion.
Bulbs shallots cut in half and mixed with all the other ingredients.
Cook until the onion is very soft (about 15-20 minutes), then let the onion to cool in the mixture, where it was cooked.
Rinse the alabaster salad and pick it up.

Shallot shallot finely chopped.
Cut the stalks of celery into thin slices.
Fennel cut arbitrarily.
Mix oaky salad, shallots, celery and fennel with marmalade onions, season with sauce, in which onion was boiled, raspberry vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper.

Ciabattu cut into slices 1 cm thick, cut the goat cheese into slices.
On slices of bread put 1-2 slices of goat cheese and bake in the oven, heated to 200 ° C for 3-5 minutes, until the cheese begins to melt.
Take the toast from the oven and put it on the prepared salad.


best salad recipes

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