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Bright salad.

Bright salad.

Bright salad.

Bright salad. Best salads.


100 g of Adyghe cheese;
1 boiled chicken fillet;
50 g of crushed nuts;
1 apple;
50 g prunes;
2 boiled eggs;
sour cream;
1 sweet pepper;
1 cherry tomato;

Bright salad.


Cut the fillet into cubes.
Prunes cut into strips.
Eggs clear.

Protein cut into strips, yolks crumble.
Flesh of apple and cheese cut into strips.

All lay out layers, sprinkling each sour cream: fillets — prunes — cheese — apple — nuts — protein — yolk.
From the pepper to make petals.

From cherry and olives to make ladybirds


Bright salad



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