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Buckwheat with mushrooms.

Buckwheat with mushrooms. 

We suggest you to prepare a very useful, tasty and fragrant buckwheat porridge with mushrooms. Buckwheat with mushrooms.


Fast-pancakes 20 pcs.
Dried porcini mushrooms 15g
350ml milk
Onions 35 g
Butter 120g
Buckwheat 100g
Sour cream 50 g

Cooking time — 1 hour 10 minutes
Calories — 296 kcal

Buckwheat with mushrooms recipe with step by step photos.

Prepare the dough and bake pancakes.

Mushrooms wash, soak in milk before swelling, then finely chop.
Onion finely chopped and fry until golden brown in a little butter.

Buckwheat fry in a dry frying pan. Then pour boiling water, add chopped mushrooms, fried onions and butter and simmer, covered, until barley is tender.
To submit a finished porridge pancakes with sour cream.

Excellent taste properties of buckwheat Russian residents enjoy for many centuries — is no accident born Russian proverb «Buckwheat itself praises.» And this combination — crumbly buckwheat with mushrooms — traditional for Russian cuisine. This dish with exquisite taste can bring to the table as a main.


Buckwheat with mushrooms.



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