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burger recipe

Mini burgers with chicken cutlet and French fries

burger recipe
Burgers for burgers with sesame seeds — 4 pcs.
Mayonnaise — 60 g
Ketchup — 60 g
Vegetable oil for frying

For cutlets
Fillet of chicken breasts — 2 pcs.
Fillet of chicken thighs — 300 g
Ground coriander — pinch
Parsley — 10 g
Cream 33% — 20 g
Salt pepper

For filling and garnish
Tomatoes — 3 pcs.
Cucumbers — 3 pcs.
Iceberg salad — 1 head
Cheese soft — 200 g
Potatoes — 800 g
Ketchup — 200 g
Mayonnaise — 150 g

Small sesame buns cut in half along and slightly warmed in the oven for 1-2 minutes.
Prepare cutlets. Chicken fillet to roll in a meat grinder.
Salt, pepper, add a little ground coriander, chopped parsley and cream. Mince the mix and remove the cool in the refrigerator.
Then from the forcemeat form the little crochets (you can use culinary rings, if any) and fry in vegetable oil with two
Bring it to the oven.

Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, lettuce leaves — straws, cheese — thin layers.
On the prepared buns (only on the bottom), apply a small amount of mayonnaise, from above put the salad leaves cut into strips, put slices of cucumbers and tomatoes on them, then chicken cutlets, on top of them — a small amount of a scoop and cover with the top of the bun. So that it does not fall, fix it with
Wooden or plastic skewers.

In parallel, fry in a large amount of preheated vegetable oil french fries. Put the prepared burger on the plate, next to lay the French fries and in the gravy bowl additionally serve ketchup. You can decorate with fresh herbs.


burger recipe

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