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Caesar salad dressing recipe.

Salad with chicken, cheese and croutons.

Caesar salad dressing recipe.

Need to buy a company of unexpected friends? Time to spare? Or just unwilling to fuss around for a long time? I suggest that you prepare a simple Caesar salad with chicken for this occasion. Salad with chicken.

To cook such a Caesar salad with chicken, tomatoes and cheese is really simple and quick. And thanks to a very effective appearance, ease of cooking and eating — this is an excellent option for a festive table.

We need the following ingredients:

• 350 grams of boiled chicken breast
• 2-3 medium tomatoes
• 2-3 medium sweet Bulgarian peppers
• 2 medium fresh cucumbers
• 2 packs of rye croutons for 40 grams
• 1 head of garlic
• 150 g of hard cheese
• mayonnaise

Cooking method:

1 Chicken or cut, or break into small strips. Lay on the bottom of the plate or in a salad bowl with bumpers. Lightly crush.

2 Cut the tomatoes into small cubes or strips. Half the garlic is let through the press. We combine in a separate plate tomatoes, garlic and a little mayonnaise.

3 Spread over the chicken fillet. Water with a tomato to drain.

4 Remove the Bulgarian pepper seeds and cut into small cubes. The remaining half of garlic is passed through the press. Mix the peppers, garlic and mayonnaise.

5 Put the pepper layer on the tomatoes.

6 Cut cucumbers into small cubes and lay out the next layer.

7 Then comes a layer of crackers.

8 Gently lubricate the layer of crackers with mayonnaise.

9 Grate the cheese on a fine grater and sprinkle our salad abundantly. Put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


Caesar salad dressing recipe.

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