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Cheesecakes with oat flakes.

Cheesecakes with oat flakes.

low calorie cheesecake recipe.

Cheesecakes with oat flakes. Ingredients

500g — cottage cheese
2 pcs. — eggs
2 tbsp. l. — flour
2 tbsp. l. — sugar
4 tbsp. l. — Oat flakes for instant cereals
100 grams — Ghee

Cheesecakes with oat flakes.


Cooking recipe.

1) Clean the curd through a sieve and smeshivayu with yaytsami, saharom and cereals. Salts and again all tschatelno peremeshivayu.

2) Warning! If the dough get too steep, you can dobavit little smetany or moloka.

3) Palms sculpt small balls. Obvalivayu them in flour, form round cakes.

4) Roasting do on masle melted on both sides. Vykladyvayu cheesecakes on the baking sheet, it is lined with parchment paper better.

5) Zapekayu in preheated oven until temperatury 180 degrees oven for 10 minutes.


Cheesecakes with oat flakes.


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