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Chicken with mushrooms

Chicken with mushrooms

chicken breast recipes

Very tasty and satisfying dish, please yourself and your beloved men with a delicious dinner 🙂

1. Chicken fillet — 1 kg
2. Champignons — 400 grams
3. Cream — 300 ml
4. Cheese — 200 grams
5. Salt, pepper — To taste
6. Garlic — 2 cloves
7. Olive oil — For frying
8. Parsley — To taste
9. Provencal herbs — To taste

It is best to take chicken fillets, i.e. Breasts, but since I did not have them, I used my hips. I washed them, peeled off the skin and separated from the bone. Then chop the chicken into large pieces.

On olive oil fry the chicken until half cooked.

Mushrooms and cut into plates, as in the photo.

And in another pan with olive oil fry the mushrooms until half-ready.

While the chicken and mushrooms are being cooked, we will make the sauce. Garlic is cleaned and crushed.

In a deep plate mix cream, olive oil, chopped garlic and pre-chopped greens.

Mix mushrooms with chicken and mix well.

Fill our chicken with a creamy sauce and let it boil.

Cheese is best to take hard varieties, but I had a domestic cheese semi-hard and very fresh under my arm. We cut the cheese into pieces or grate it with large divisions.

Add the cheese and mushrooms to the chicken and mushrooms and stew for 7-10 minutes until cooked. It is at this point that it’s fashionable to add salt, if necessary, and add black freshly ground pepper.

Everything is ready, for this chicken the potato puree or rice will serve as an excellent side dish. Bon Appetit.

I love cooking chicken, for many reasons. It always turns out juicy and tasty, it’s very simple and quick to cook, and besides, at a price, the chicken is much cheaper than any meat, and it even wins pork or beef for flavoring moments.


Chicken with mushrooms


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