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Crab salad recipe.

Salad «Crab».

Crab salad recipe.

Step-by-step instruction for cooking salad from crab sticks, corn and cheese called «Crab». Simple, beautiful, tasty and satisfying. Crab salad recipe.

Caloric content per 100 g is 196.3 kcal.
Number of servings — 2
Cooking time — 30 minutes

Crab salad recipe.


Crab meat (or sticks) — about 200 g
Canned corn (sweet) — 1 can
Pepper Bulgarian (red) — 1 pc.
Eggs large — 3 pcs.
Cheese — about 100-150 grams
Easy mayonnaise

Preparation of crab salad:

1. Crab meat slightly defrosted and cut finely.
2. Pepper, remove the core with seeds, cut one half of the pepper into thin straws.
3. Cheese of hard varieties (for example, «Dutch» or «Edam») rubbed on a coarse grater.
4. Cook the boiled eggs with egg or cut into cubes.
5. Put everything in a deep salad bowl, add canned corn, season with mayonnaise, mix, lightly salt.
6. Serve portionwise. You can make it this way: tightly fill the salad with a small bowl, cover with a plate, turn over. Got a neat slope sprinkled with finely grated cheese. Cut the remaining pepper into half rings and decorate the salad with them.

Bon appetit with crab salad!


Crab salad recipe.

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