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Cucumbers in apple juice.

Cucumbers in apple juice.

Cucumbers in apple juice.

Pickle recipe.

Cucumbers in apple juice. Canned several cucumber banks in the usual way, I suddenly remembered the old grandmother’s recipe for pickles in apple juice.
It turned out perfectly! Now the whole family asks for canning only so, and girlfriends vying for the secret of such delicious and crunchy cucumbers.

And the secret is really simple.
In the beginning, I thoroughly wash the cucumbers. I beat them with boiling water. Immediately pour cold water.
I sterilize the jars. Spread in them cucumbers with dill umbrellas and heads of peeled garlic.
For beauty and piquancy I add a spicy pepper.

Then I prepare the brine. In apple juice I add salt and sugar, based on the proportion: 1 liter of juice and a half tablespoons of salt and sugar with a slide.
I bring everything to the boil. I fill it with cans. Then the brine is poured into a container. I bring it back to the boil. I fill cucumbers.
I roll up the jars already sterilized lids. I clean them for storage.




Cucumbers with tomatoes in tomato juice.

In a tomato sauce, you can make assorted cucumbers with tomatoes.

1 kg of small cucumbers;
1 kg of small tomatoes, for example, a variety of cream;
2 kg large, non-standard tomatoes for juice preparation;
3-6 cloves of garlic;
salt and sugar to taste;
bay leaf and black pepper as desired;
1 tablespoon of vinegar (9%) per 1 liter jar.


Cucumbers previously held in cold water, then wash again, cut the ends. If gherkins are used, then we leave them intact. We cut the usual small cucumbers across to make cylinders 1.5-2 cm high.

We wash small tomatoes. At the stalk we make several punctures with a wooden toothpick. This is necessary so that the peel does not burst during the heat treatment and the tomatoes look more attractive.

Large tomatoes are washed and cut into large pieces. We prepare juice using a juicer or a meat grinder. In extreme cases, you can use a grater.

Advice! The resulting tomato mass can be further rubbed through a sieve so that it is more uniform.

Tomato juice is poured into a saucepan and put on the stove, cook at a low boil until the juice ceases to secrete foam. As a rule, boiling for 5-7 minutes is enough. While no seasonings are added to the juice.

Cucumbers in apple juice.

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