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Easy hamburger recipes.

The Burger «Crab Louis».

Easy hamburger recipes.

Exotic burger «Crab Louis» is prepared with a lot of ingredients. Easy hamburger recipes. I was especially pleased with the fried onions, which I love very much. The burger is very tasty, juicy and hearty. Crab meat from here is very handy!

Crab meat dishes are considered a delicacy and infrequently appear in the daily menu. Most often recipes with white delicate crab meat are used to decorate a festive table to surprise and please the guests.

Easy hamburger recipes.

Preparation — 30 minutes
Recipe for: 1 person


For burgers:

chicken fillet — 150 g
onion — 0.3 pcs.
chili pepper — to taste
salt — 1 pinch
sugar — 1 pinch
eggs of chicken — 1 pc.

For burgers:

avocado — ⅖ pcs.
crab meat — 50 g
onion — ⅖ pcs.
cream cheese — 1 pc.
tomatoes — ½ pc.
lettuce — 1 sheet
mayonnaise — 1 ½ tsp.
buns for hamburgers — 1 pc.
parsley greenery — 1 branch


Prepare products for burger. The number of products indicated an approximate, understandably, I did not weigh them! The thickness of the pieces and their number adjust yourself, if only the burger fit into your mouth! :)) Cheese is in my plates.

Prepare forcemeat, mix it well, take off a little. From the egg I took only protein. Through the serving ring lay out the minced meat and fry the right amount of cutlets.

Avocado and tomato will be cut into rings of medium thickness. Avocado can be sprinkled with lemon juice.
Crab meat is cut into the thickness of the vegetables.

Onion cut into rings and fry until golden brown. You can not bother with the rings, but simply cut a quarter of the rings. Put the fried onions, and fry the cut bun with a crumb down in a frying pan.

We collect burger «Crab Louis». On a warm bun, we put cream cheese (it’s in my plates), meat cutlet, crab meat, fried onions, tomato rings and avocado. At the top of this pyramid, put a leaf of lettuce and parsley leaves. We close the second half of the bun. We serve to the table! On health!



Easy hamburger recipes.

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