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Easy party appetizers.

«Yin Yang» (liver cake).

Easy party appetizers.

To prepare this dish, I recommend taking either veal or chicken liver, then it will turn out to be tender. But do not take a pig, it’s a little bitter.

Easy party appetizers.

Do not forget to carefully trim all the films from the beef liver. And remember, the most delicious «Yin-yan» is one that is not made from frozen,
but from the cooled product. This dish is stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day.

Easy party appetizers.

You will need:
600 g of liver without films, cut into small pieces (chicken divided into lobes)
2 eggs
3 tsp. semolina
3 tsp. wheat flour
Salt and black pepper to taste
3 onion heads
2 cloves garlic for minced meat
1 clove of chopped garlic
150 ml of mayonnaise
100 ml of sour cream
favorite greens
approximately 120 ml of milk
a small amount of vegetable oil without a smell.

1. Chop the liver together with onions and garlic. It is better to do this in a blender, but you can skip twice through a meat grinder. Then add the minced meat, milk, semolina, flour. Mix everything thoroughly, salt. Pepper to taste. Gently stir in the vegetable oil.

2. Pour the resulting mass with a large spoon or a small ladle.
Bake in the heated multivarker in the «Baking» mode for 3-4 minutes with the lid closed. Remove the silicone scapula and fold it neatly on a flat dish or cutting board.

3. Then mix mayonnaise with sour cream. Add there the chopped garlic and finely chopped favorite greens. Spread each layer on top.

4 If you do not want to use sour cream, then you can take Greek (natural) yogurt.

5 Cake can be made large and then cut into pieces. And you can make small pancakes in the form for steaming in the «Steamer» mode for 2-3 minutes.
You will get a small portion snack. It looks very nice on the dish, if you wait for guests.

The cake «Yin-yen» is eaten warm, but it is also cool cold. If you do not have time to bake cakes, then you can make a cake instead of cake. You just need to add the mayonnaise to the stuffing, mix everything well. Put it in the cup MV. Cook in the «Baking» mode for 20 minutes, then in the «Quenching» mode 20. Open the lid, give the casserole a little cool down. Take out on a plate, cover with sour cream and sprinkle abundantly with your favorite herbs.


Easy party appetizers.

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