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filet mignon recipe

Steak fillet mignon made of beef

filet mignon recipe

Fillet-mignon — this is another type of steaks, which cooks like to cook in the best restaurants. This recipe is very popular not only at home, in France, but also in many other countries. From its brethren the fillet-mignon differs in size and structure of meat. For this type of steakamyaso is cut from the most delicate part of the beef carcass, which did not participate in the movement of muscles. This makes it incredibly soft and gentle. Ready meat from the tenderloin literally melts in your mouth!

filet mignon recipe

It is believed that the fillet-mignon is exclusively a ladies’ dish because it has a less saturated taste of beef than striplone or riba. But also this steak is great for any holidays or for romantic meetings with a loved one over a glass of wine.

The thickness of the steak fillet mignon in the traditional recipe can reach 8 centimeters, but this does not mean that it is poorly fried. Thanks to the unique structure of meat, the fillet-mignon is prepared quickly and simply, and the taste is simply amazing!

It should be noted that this type of steak is not served in the degree of roasting «with blood».

If you want to pamper your family or have an interesting dinner planned, be sure to prepare a classic fillet-mignon according to our recipe with a photo! It will not take you more than half an hour, and guests and households will be satisfied with the fabulous dish. Our step-by-step recipe will tell you in detail how to cook a filet-mignon of beef and tomato sauce to it.

filet mignon recipe


Beef tenderloin — (800 g)
Onion — (100 g)
Basil green — (30 g)
Black pepper powder — (1/4 tsp)
Olive oil — (15 ml)
Sea salt — (0.5 tsp)

Steps to prepare

1. First we need to prepare the meat for future use. To do this, cut the thick and thin parts from both sides.
2.If there is a white film left on the cutout, then it should be removed. For this purpose, the knife is perfect. Cut the film in such a way that it is from the bottom. We hold the knife, pressing it to the working surface.
3. Finish the cleaned piece of meat cut into equal slices across the fillets. Each piece should be no more than four centimeters thick.
4. Now take a frying pan with a thick bottom and pre-heat it on high heat. As soon as it starts to smoke, remove from heat and let it cool down a little. Then put the pieces of fillet into the pan so that there is a sufficiently large distance between them. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, fry each piece about two minutes from one side and the other. If you are using a grill pan, turn the sirloin by turning it sideways so that a characteristic pattern of the mesh is formed. After cooking, put the filet-mignon in the oven for about ten minutes and turn it on at a temperature of 50 degrees. Do not forget to cover the dish with foil on top. This is to ensure that the meat is warmed up properly inside and the meat juice is evenly distributed inside it.
5.And now we can start preparing the sauce. For him, we will need to finely chop the onion and fry it. To do this, you can use a frying pan in which you fried the fillets. Pre-pour in one spoon of olive oil. When the onion blushes, add tomato puree to it and begin to simmer in a small fire for about 7 minutes. If your sauce seems to you a bit thick, then you can add boiled water.
6. Rinse the leaves of basil in cold water and cut them as finely as possible.
7.Before the sauce is ready, add the greens. Salt and pepper to taste.
8. Mix all this thoroughly and heat for a few more minutes, after which you should try the sauce for taste. If it seems too acidic, you can add a little sugar.
9. Then take out the fillets from the oven, spread it on a plate, seasoning with freshly prepared sauce, and serve to the table. Your guests will be delighted! Bon Appetit!


filet mignon recipe

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