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Good healthy breakfast.

Home burger in 15 minutes. Good healthy breakfast.

Good healthy breakfast.

Delicious burgers can be prepared at home, and the whole process will take no more than 15 minutes, or even less. Good healthy breakfast. Make it simple enough, knowing some points in cooking.

Good healthy breakfast.


Beef (spatula with fat) — 600 g
Burgers for burgers — 3 pcs.
Cheese toast — 3 pcs.
Salad leaves — 40 g
Tomato — 1 pc.
Radish — 3 pcs.
Mayonnaise — 1 tbsp.
Yoghurt — 1 tbsp.
Barbeque sauce — 1 tbsp.
Worcester sauce — 1 tsp.
Salt sea — to taste
Pepper — taste
Olive oil — 1 tbsp.

Cooking process

To make a home burger in 15 minutes, the beef shovel is ground on a meat grinder with a large sieve. You can, of course, chop with a knife, but grind — easier and faster.
Salt, pepper, mix. More stuffing is not necessary. It is also not necessary to mix minced meat thoroughly, it should remain porous, so the cutlets will be more juicy.

With the help of a culinary ring to form cutlets, again, mincemeat does not need to be strongly trampled in shape. The size of cutlets should be in diameter larger than a bun, because during cooking they decently decrease in size.
Fry the cutlets on both sides in olive oil for four to five minutes, depending on the desired degree of cooking and juiciness. Put them on toast cheese. The photo shows how much the cutlet has become smaller in size after cooking.

For the sauce mix mayonnaise, yogurt, barbecue sauce and Worcester sauce. If you want, you can add more mustard.
Buns cut along into two parts. Inside put on a hot frying pan and fry slightly. Lubricate the bottom half of the bun sauce, lay a leaf salad.
Next, put the cutlet with cheese, sliced ​​radish and tomato, pour with sauce. Cover the top with the second half of the bun.
If the design is high and can fall apart, fasten the burger with a wooden skewer. Serve homemade burger (cooked in 15 minutes) is better with French fries or simply fried potatoes according to your favorite recipe. Also, you can make burgers at the dacha on the grill, the taste of a burger with a smoke can not be compared with any fast food.


Good healthy breakfast.

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