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Good snacks.

Freshly salted cucumber. Good snacks.

Lightly salted cucumbers in the package — snack for 3 hours!

About the dish:

Crispy light-salted cucumbers, smelling in summer, garlic and greens — a great snack for adults and fun for children.

Usually picking cucumbers to full readiness is necessary for two, or even three days. But there is a little trick how to speed up this long-awaited process. Try to cook lightly salted cucumbers in the package.

Today we offer your attention to the way how to cook lightly salted cucumbers in a package and without brine — such a simple technology will help you get the desired product in 3-4 hours. In addition, you do not have to mess around with water and extra dishes.

We need the following ingredients:

• 1 kg of cucumbers,
• 3 cloves of garlic,
• several branches of dill,
• 4-5 leaves of black currant,
• 2 teaspoons of salt (without a slide).

Method of preparation, how to cook:

To quickly cook lightly salted cucumbers in a package, it is desirable to choose young and small cucumbers.

Cucumbers thoroughly clean and cut off both sides of the tips. Chop the dill and currant leaves. Do not press the garlic, but cut it small.

Cucumbers, garlic and greens put in a plastic bag, fill with salt and tie, releasing excess air. Well shake and mix the contents of the package, but so that it does not tear.

For reliability and tightness, put the cucumber in one more package, put it in a deep plate and send it to the refrigerator for 6-8 hours (or overnight).

Periodically, without opening the bags, shake and mix cucumbers in them. The more active and more often you will do it, the faster your lightly salted cucumber in the package will be ready for use. And if you remember about cucumbers every half hour, they «will ripen» after three hours.

Bon Appetit!


Good snacks.

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