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Healthy fish recipes.

Cutlets from carp

Healthy fish recipes.

The ideal option for cooking fish cutlets is carp meat. The meat of this freshwater fish has a dense and juicy structure, it is quite fat, which is important for the preparation of fish mince.

Healthy fish recipes.

Her fine, delicate bones are grinded well in the meat grinder, and the ridge is easily separated from the fillet — a gentle, juicy stuffing turns out.

To make juicy and tasty cutlets from carp, you need to use only fresh and quality fish, and then the result will be above all praise. If the fish have red gills, clear, not cloudy eyes, then the choice is made correctly.

To begin with, we will prepare all the necessary products.

Healthy fish recipes.


Filet of carp — 500 g
Onion — 1 pc.
Milk — 120 ml
White loaf — 3 slices
Breadcrumbs — 50 g
Vegetable oil — 3-4 tablespoons.
Salt — to taste
Lemon pepper — to taste
Greens — optional

Healthy fish recipes.

Sazana cleaned, gutted the inside, rinsed, cut off the head and tail and milled, with a sharp knife to separate the carp meat from the ridge. Head, tail and ridge to leave, from them it will be possible to boil the ear.

In milk it is desirable to soak stale pieces of a white loaf.
Onion peel and grind. In a frying pan, heat a little vegetable oil and lightly fry the onions.

Through the meat grinder, skip the sazana fillet. To be sure that the cutlets do not catch fish pits, skip the mince twice.

To the forcemeat, add the loaf, chilled from the milk, chilled onions. Mince salt, season with lemon pepper, it is perfectly combined with fish products, well kneaded and slightly repulsed, as is done with ordinary ground beef.

I do not add the egg to the egg, since this stuffing keeps the shape well and the cutlets are juicy. You can add a stuffing of a bunch of any greens, before washing it and chopping it.

From the prepared forcemeat to form cutlets, roll them in breadcrumbs. Instead of biscuits you can use flour, a mango is your choice.

Fry meatballs from sazan necessarily in a well-heated vegetable oil from two sides, to a ruddy crust. Bon Appetit!


Healthy fish recipes.

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