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Healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks. Mushrooms in yogurt.

Low-calorie and nourishing: mushrooms in yogurt
na 100gramm — 61.29 kkal

B / M / Y — 4.71 / 3.87 / 1.99

500 g fresh mushrooms (we have champignons)
1/2 cup natural yogurt
25 g of lean cheese
1 tsp. Ground oatmeal
olive oil.

Healthy snacks.

1. Heat the oven to 200 ° C

2. Clean mushrooms, rinse and scald with hot water. Throwing them on a sieve, letting water drain, chop the mushrooms into slices, salt and fry.

3. Before the end of frying, add a teaspoon of ground oatmeal to the mushrooms and mix. Then put the yogurt, bring to a boil.

4. Transfer to a refractory dish, oiled, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake (the cheese should melt, about 8-10 minutes).

5. When serving on the table, sprinkle mushrooms with parsley or dill

Bon Appetit!


Картинки по запросу грибы в йогурте


Fried oyster mushrooms with potatoes.


Oyster mushrooms — from 300 grams;
Potato — 600 grams;
Onion — 100 grams;
Salt to taste;
Vegetable oil — for frying.

Step by step recipe.

The peculiarity of frying potatoes with oyster mushrooms is that it is better to fry them separately from each other, and then combine them. It’s just that oyster mushrooms are fried faster, and most importantly they secrete a lot of juice in which potatoes would rather be stewed than fried.

Stewed potatoes with oyster mushrooms are also tasty, in this case it is advisable not to restrain the oyster mushrooms to the “rubber” state.

Chop the potatoes, for example, with straws, dry and fry in a preheated frying pan with oil.

Set the “medium fire” almost immediately and turn the potatoes over gently, i.e. do not mix like porridge, but with a wide spatula just occasionally turn over portions.

Chop the onion coarsely and add to the already fried potatoes.
Continue frying them together until the potatoes are ready. Salt at the very end of cooking.

In parallel, take oyster mushrooms. Peel them, dry chop coarsely and fry in a pan.

Oyster mushrooms should be browned and their juice evaporated.
Combine the finished potatoes and oyster mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms fried with potatoes ready.
When serving, sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve with sauces to taste.

Healthy snacks.

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