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Homemade jam.

Neskuchnoe jam. Homemade jam.

Jam is a treat for all time. And it opens up a space for fantasy when it comes to ingredients. In what we suggest you make sure. Here are a few ways to diversify the classics. Homemade jam.

From zucchini.

The method of making sweet jam from this vegetable is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. But most likely, it was brought there by British colonists in their culinary books more than 200 years ago.
The most delicious zucchini, as a rule, very small or medium-sized.

What you need:
• 1.5 kg of courgettes;
• 2 lemons (or to taste);
• 40 g of ginger root;
• 1.5 kg of sugar.

How to cook:
Vegetables peel and seed. Cut cubes in the size of 1.5-2 cm. Fry over medium heat for about 20 minutes.
Rub the root of the ginger.
Squeeze juice out of lemons. Peel finely grate (only the yellow part, not touching white, otherwise it will be bitter).

Transfer the zucchini into a saucepan. Add grated ginger and lemon zest. Fill with lemon juice and sprinkle with sugar.
Cover and leave for 24 hours. Then transfer the mixture into a deep frying pan. Bring to a boil over low heat.
Leave to boil, stirring, until the mass turns into thick syrup. Remove the frying pan from the fire and distribute the jam over the jars.

From green tomatoes.

Enterprising housewives from Sicily and Sardinia make a delicious jam from the remaining green after the harvest — immature — tomatoes. However, you can use for these purposes and ripe tomatoes of green varieties.

What you need:
• 2 kg of green tomatoes;
• 3 lemons;
• 2 kg of sugar;
• ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg;
• ½ teaspoon ground cloves;
• 1 teaspoon ground ginger;
• a pinch of salt.

How to cook:
Tomatoes cut into small slices (the core can not be removed). Place in a deep frying pan. Add 2-3 tablespoons of water.
Slowly bring to a boil. Leave on a low heat for half an hour.
Squeeze juice out of lemons. Peel the peel on the grater. Add them to tomatoes along with salt and spices.
Pour in another 2-3 tablespoons of water. Stir until a uniform mass is obtained. Put in the sugar. While stirring, leave on low heat, until the jam slightly decreases in volume.
Remove from heat and place on cans.

From the pumpkin.

The champion in the use of pumpkin is, perhaps, America. Where a pumpkin even attached to a popular holiday.
Therefore it is not surprising that the recipes were born, in many versions, exactly there.
You can not boil a pumpkin, but bake it in the oven and then mash it for jam.

What you need:
• 1 kg of pulp pulp;
• 700 g of sugar;
• 2 lemons;
• cinnamon to taste;
• Vanillin to taste;
• a pinch of nutmeg.

How to cook:
Cut the pumpkin pulp into cubes. Boil until tender and rub.
From the lemons squeeze the juice, from one lemon grate the zest.
Transfer the pumpkin into a saucepan or deep frying pan. Fill with sugar, lemon zest and spices. Fill with lemon juice.
Cook over low heat, stirring until smooth and thick. Remove from heat and distribute to cans.

Of pine cones.

It is noteworthy that in the West such jam is practically unknown.
This Russian — and very tasty — invention. An important condition: cones should be young. 1-3 cm in length — these cones are suitable for jam. They should be green and soft.

What you need:
• 2 kg of pine cones;
• 2 kg of sugar.

How to cook:
Wash the cones thoroughly from needles and other plant particles. You can ignore the resin.
Put in a large saucepan. Fill with water so that it covers them completely.
Boil the cones over medium heat for about an hour. Remove from heat, cover and leave overnight.
Drain the broth in a deep saucepan, add sugar. Stir until completely dissolved.
Cook over low heat until a thick syrup — about 2 hours.
Half an hour before the end of cooking, add a little already boiled shishechek — at the rate of several pieces per jar.
Remove from heat and place on cans.

Of roses.

This delicious dessert was invented by connoisseurs of oriental sweets — culinary experts of Turkey.
The recipe survived centuries, conquering the whole world.
By the way, if you do not have pink petals at your fingertips, you can use petals of hips. The taste will be similar.
Roses for jam are best to take tea varieties, with a bright aroma, a large bud and petals without flaws.

What you need:
• 100 g of rose petals (dog rose), as dense as possible;
• 450 g of sugar;
• 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice.

How to cook:
Petals manually rub with sugar and lemon juice.
Place in a medium saucepan. Cover with a lid. Leave for about 4 hours.
Pour 2 cups of water. Cook on low heat for half an hour, stirring. Bring to a thickening.
Remove from heat, distribute to cans.

Homemade jam.

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