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Instant coffee: Soluble aggressor.

Soluble aggressor.

Instant coffee.

Soluble coffee acts more aggressively on the heart, the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys and other organs and systems than the natural one.  Soluble aggressor.

The reason is that the production of instant coffee is used synthetic components or natural. They are extracted artificially, and even at all use frank chemistry.

Instant coffee.

The exception is organic instant coffee. It is produced entirely without synthetics and chemistry. Of course, coffee trees are also sprayed with chemicals and fertilized. In order to protect against disease and increase yield. But the amount of substances harmful to health in coffee beans is negligible. The majority remains in the foliage and pulp of the coffee berry.

True, flavored natural coffee can be harmful and even dangerous substances. Often to give coffee a smell of cream, liqueur, etc. use synthetic flavors. Natural costs are significantly more expensive.
Another important property of instant coffee, especially without caffeine.
It promotes the deposition of kidney stones. For natural coffee this has not been seen so far.


Instant coffee.

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