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Juicing for health.

Golden juice. Juicing for health.

Juicing for health. Apricot juice with pulp is very useful, especially for young children and pregnant women.

It contains many salts, calcium and iron.
A total of 150 g of apricot juice satisfies the daily human need for carotene.

This is very important, apricot juice normalizes the acidity of the stomach. Also effective in colitis. Especially if the disease is accompanied by flatulence and dysbiosis.

Unfortunately, in the stores you can now see apricot nectar. This is not what we need.
Therefore, it is better to prepare apricot juice for the winter in the berry season. Moreover, it is not difficult to make a delicious juice.

To do this, well-washed apricots are cut in half. Remove the bones. Pour a little water into the pan. Boil to soften everything.
Then for 1 kg of apricots with juice add 200 g of sugar. Half or a teaspoon add citric acid. All mix. Sterilize in jars.

Before use, the juice is diluted with water. The ratio is 1: 1 or 1: 2. Very tasty and useful.


Juicing for health.

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