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Kebab in the oven.

Kebab in the oven.  Meat recipe up your sleeve.

In this article, we will tell you how to prepare tasty and fragrant barbecue in the oven, which can be no worse than his «brother», roasted on the fire.

If your plans interfered with the bad weather, and your friends not to get out on a picnic, to cheer up yourself and the company you can with a simple recipe — barbequing in the oven, even without leaving the apartment.

Such meat turns tender, juicy, lightly toasty and very tasty. A preparation and cooking itself does not require much time and effort, especially if the products for a picnic were already purchased. In addition, the barbecue in the oven will surely enjoy the mistresses, who simply is not possible to tinker with wood and coal, but tasty treat family wants.

Kebab in the oven. We need these ingredients:

• 1 kg of pork,
• 1 kg of onions,
• Article 4-5. spoons 9% solution of vinegar,
• pinch of sugar,
• coriander powder to taste,
• Powdered paprika to taste,
• ground black pepper to taste,
• salt to taste.

Kebab in the oven. Cooking method:

It is better to choose a pork neck with fat. In the oven and skewers on the grill the meat will be more tender, juicy and tasty. Meat should be cut into pieces. Then cover with a film and beat well. Then pull, salt and pepper, add spices and mix.

Part of the onion into small pieces is less likely to add meat. Rinse the meat with strength and leave to marinate for 2 hours. You can speed up the marinating process. Then add the onion stuffing. Squeeze the juice through gauze, onions and pour their meat.

An hour before the barbecue in the oven can cut the remaining onion rings, hot water zaley, add sugar, salt, vinegar and leave to marinate.

The sleeve for baking pickled onions laid out and evenly distributed throughout the plane of his. Top with meat on onions. Tie the ends of the sleeves, and make a few punctures on top. Lay on a baking sleeve with meat, the laid baking paper, and send in a preheated 250 ° C duhovkudo. To taste was «smoky», you can be put into the sleeve piece of coal for grilling.

Skewer should be prepared in the oven for about 1-1.5 hours. When the meat is lightly browned, it is possible to get. Laid out on a dish of meat with onions and serve with your favorite vegetables and sauce.

Bon Appetit!




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