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Liqueur at home recipes.

We prepare for winter holidays «Orancello» — orange homemade liqueur.

Liqueur at home recipes.


0.7 liters of vodka
5 large oranges
0.5 kg of sugar
1 can with lid (volume per 1 liter)
1 bottle (1-1.5 liters volume)

Liqueur at home recipes.


Oranges are well washed (preferably with soda) and carefully peeled off with a vegetable peeler, zest, without touching the white part (from it the liquor will be bitter).

Fold the whole zest into a jar and pour it with vodka. Take it to the refrigerator or another cool, dark place for 5 days.

What is left of the orange, fold into a bag, tightly tie and clean in the refrigerator. On the sixth day, strain the orange tincture. The zest can be discarded.

From the oranges squeeze the juice. It should be about half a liter (0.5 liters). If less, then you have to add water to the desired volume. Mix orange juice with 0.5 kg of sugar and put on a plate, on a strong fire. Heat, constantly stirring. The syrup completely cool. Mix the syrup with orange tincture, pour the resulting liquor into a bottle and refrigerate for 2-3 more days.


Liqueur at home recipes.

Liqueur at home recipes. Homemade tangerine liqueur.

We need the following ingredients:

• 1.5 tbs freshly squeezed juice from tangerines (oranges),
• a peel of two oranges (!),
• 150-200 ml of vodka,
• 3/4 of sugar (or more),
• 100 ml of water.

Liqueur at home recipes.

Method of preparation, how to prepare:

From oranges (namely oranges), carefully remove the zest, so that it does not catch the white part.

Put the zest into the juice and bring to a boil, cool, add the vodka, cover it and put it in a dark, cool place for 3-4 days. Vodka, and it can be replaced with alcohol, you can add more, I just do not like strong drinks.

Already the present mixture is filtered through a sieve. Of sugar (and sugar can also add more, depending on your taste and tangerine) and water boil syrup, let him puff for 2-3 minutes.

Add to the main mixture. All well should be corked and let it brew in a dark place for at least 1 month. That was how much I had. I think the longer one insists, the more rich and aromatic will be the taste. Believe me, very tasty liquor turned out!


Liqueur at home recipes.

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