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Meat recipes.

Marinated pork in the oven.

Meat recipes.

Pork in the oven with marinade — it has already become a classic among hot meat dishes. Here is another simple recipe in your collection. Meat recipes.

We need the following ingredients:
Pork ham — 1,2 kg.
• salt, pepper to taste
• garlic — 3 cloves
• Pork marinade (for your taste)
• bag for baking

Method of preparation, how to prepare:
Wash and dry the pork. Garlic cut into slices and pile them meat.

Pork should be salted and peppered. Prepare the marinade and cover them with all the meat. Put the meat in a bag, tie it and let it lie for 30 minutes.

Then put the bag of meat on a baking sheet and put it in a preheated oven to 200 degrees. Bake until ready for about 70-90 minutes.

Cut the meat into portions. To the table you can serve baked pork in hot and cold. Bon Appetit!


Meat recipes.

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