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Meat salad.

Thai salad with beef.

Meat salad.

I suggest to try and prepare an exotic salad, which is cooked in southeast Asia. Meat salad. He will not leave anyone indifferent. Delicious, juicy, which includes very tender and melting meat. For this salad it is best to find a tenderloin, fillet mignon, then the meat will be very soft. I tried to prepare a salad with pork and other pieces of meat, but the stunning result comes with the fillet. Although the salad comes out tasty anyway.

Meat salad.


Dried squid -1 tbsp;
Lime for juice — 2 pieces;
Sesame oil -1 tbsp;
Chili powder dry — 2 pcs;
Green salad — 1 bunch;
Beef fillet (tenderloin) — 400 grams;
Chili sauce is sweet — 1.5 tsp;
Cilantro fresh — 1 tbsp;
Onion purple — 1 piece;
Vegetable oil -1 tbsp;
Tomatoes — 2 pieces;
Sugar (brown or white) — 1 tbsp;
Fish sauce — 2 tbsp;
Soy sauce — 1 tbsp;
Garlic — 3 cloves;
Green onions — 2 stems;
Sesame — 1 tsp.


Peel onion, cut into half rings and marinate in lime juice and sugar. I did not have lime at this time and I poured onions with lemon juice (3 tablespoons), adding a little mint. So it seemed to me that the smell becomes like a lime.

Meat freeze and cut into small, transparent slices, the thinner, the better. Pieces of meat should shine through.

Boil water, it should boil constantly. Lower a few pieces of meat into boiling water and take out after 15 seconds, when the meat changes its color.

Finished pieces of meat put in a separate bowl. Large pieces are very easily divided into smaller pieces, as the meat leaves the softest.

Dry squid grind and combine with butter and garlic in a bowl. I do not advise you to replace squid. They give the salad its own flavor.

Add fish sauce, soy sauce.
And also sweet chilli sauce. All stir until uniform.

Add this mixture to the pickled onions. This will be a salad dressing.
Add the sauce to the meat and mix well.

For serving, cut the tomatoes into slices, chop the green onion obliquely, chop the cilantro. Salad leaves cut into ribbons.

Put salad leaves on top of the plate, top with meat and sauce, then tomatoes. Sprinkle with herbs, green onions, sesame. Thai salad with beef is ready. Help yourself!


Meat salad.

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