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Nefritovy bracelet

Nefritovy bracelet. Healthy salad recipes.

Ingredients for the recipe:

Potatoes — 4 pcs;
Salt — a little;
Carrots — 2 pcs.;
Chicken breast — 700 g;
Kiwi — 3 pieces.;
Smoked Cheese — 200 g;
Chicken Eggs — 4 pcs.;
Mayonnaise — 200 g.


1. Chicken breast with onion, bay leaf and black pepper to the boil. Cooking time — 45 minutes. Separate the meat from the bones. Disassemble the fiber. Salad is so tender.

2. Screw boil eggs, cleaned from the shell, boil potatoes and carrots, cook directly in the skin, ostuzhivaem and peeled.

3. Untwist Cheese-pigtail, and we shall cut finely. If you do not like cheese, smoked, it is quite possible to replace cheese Dutch or Russian. Cheese grate. We share all of the products into two parts.

4 cans of olives can be used instead of a ring. In the center of meals determined by the Bank. Half chicken spread around the banks and little salted. Slightly pritrambovyvaem each layer. Halved potato rub on top of the meat, salt and rub half a carrot. Rub the egg on top of carrots. We spread half shabby cheese. Draw a grid of mayonnaise.

5. The remaining vegetables rub so: chicken, after — cheese, eggs, carrots and potatoes.

6. Salad lubricates mayonnaise jar take out, decorate with slices of kiwi.


Nefritovy bracelet.


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