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Olivier with lobster.

Olivier with lobster.

Salads Recipes simple and delicious.

Ingredients per serving:
Lobster meat boiled 100 g
Potato 60 g
Carrots 20 grams
Eggs 1-2 pcs.
Fresh frozen peas 20 g
Pickles 1 pc.
Quail egg 1 pcs.
Red caviar

Instructions. Olivier with lobster.

Potatoes, carrots and boiled egg. Cut into cubes the same.
Frozen peas, too, boil, pickled cucumber, finely chopped.
Mix the potatoes, carrots, egg, peas cucumber, mayonnaise and salt.
Put the salad on a plate. Top with lobster meat (if a search lobster having trouble, you can replace the crab meat). Garnish salad with red caviar and quail egg, cooked in any way.


Olivier with lobster.


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