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Olivier with seafood.

Olivier with seafood. 

I propose an unusual variant of the invariable attribute of the festive table of Olivier salad. Olivier with seafood. Try to change the habitual dish a little. Add seafood to the salad. Changes will help give salatics a new life. Turn the dish into a completely new dish.


Boiled shrimp — 0.5 kg;
boiled potatoes big — 4 pieces;
large carrots boiled — 1 piece;
boiled chicken eggs — 5 pieces;
pickles — 3-4 pieces;
Mayonnaise — 200 g;
Onion — 1 piece;
salt — to taste;
red caviar, olives, pitted, greens, lemon — to decorate the salad.

How to cook?

1. Grind all the boiled vegetables, add chopped shrimp chalk (leaving a few pieces to decorate the dishes), chopped eggs and chopped onion.

2. Salt the resulting mixture, and then add to it chopped pickled cucumber, lettuce adjusting the taste of the future.

3. Refill Olivier mayonnaise, carefully knead and spread portions in special bowls or wine glasses for cocktails. On top decorate with greens, lemon slices, olives and shrimp as fancy dictates.

Olivier with seafood.


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