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Philadelphia cheese.

Philadelphia cheese. (at home)

Appetizer ideas.

The recipe is incredibly simple, I decided on it, as an experiment, just to see what will come of this venture. And to my surprise came curd cheese!) To taste, very similar to the cheese «Philadelphia», a delicate, homogeneous texture, pleasant, unobtrusive taste.
Such cheese can be used as a spread on bread, mixing it, for example with greens. You can add it to the fillings of cakes and cheesecakes, use it as a cream for cakes or stuffing for rolls and sushi.

This cheese is prepared from the most accessible ingredients, and everyone can cook with the preparation!

Philadelphia cheese.

Preparation: 4 hours
Preparation: 10 m
Servings: 300 gr.


Sour cream 20%: — 500 ml.
Kefir 3,2: 500 ml.
Salt: — 2 pinch.
Lemon juice: — 0.5 tsp


1. We put sour cream and yogurt into the freezer until it is completely frozen. I had a night.

2. Sour milk, it is better to buy in packages than in plastic containers, then they are easier to remove from the package when they freeze. Frozen food is extracted from the packages. Put in gauze, (I have a thin cotton cloth) If you want to keep the serum, then put the bowl down.

3. If you want to keep the serum, put the bowl down.

4. When the food is thawed, I tied the fabric, squeezed a little extra whey and hung it for another couple of hours, so that all the excess liquid just went away. Serum at me left absolutely not much, I did not see sense to collect it or her. When the food was thawed, I tied up the fabric

5. After a couple of hours, the resulting mass, gently put it into the blender, add the lemon juice and salt, a couple of times scroll in the blender, mixing everything to homogeneity, especially not zealous.

6. Cheese is ready!) Pleasant, homogeneous texture, very delicate taste.
The cheese is ready. Bon Appetit!!!


Philadelphia cheese.

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