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Picking mushrooms.

Picking mushrooms.

Picking mushrooms.

Picking mushrooms. Mushroom recipes.

Mushrooms (red, black and white mushrooms, freckles, russules) — 1 kg
Salt — 100 g
Currant — 10-12 leaves
Cherry — 5-6 leaves
Horseradish — 2 leaves
Dill — 2 umbrellas
Bay leaves — 2-3 pcs.
Peppercorns — to taste
Garlic — to taste.

Picking mushrooms.


Groom, freckles, or russula wash and pour cold water for 5-6 hours (Redheads do not soak, but only washed). Pour a layer of salt on the bottom of a wooden or ceramic tableware, put half the currant leaves, cherries, horseradish and 1 dill umbrella. Lay the rows of mushrooms, sprinkling each layer with salt, pepper, garlic and bay leaf.

Place the remaining leaves on top, cover with a clean cloth, then with a cutting board or plate, and put down (after 1-2 days, the mushrooms settle and give juice.) If they release a little brine, the oppression should be increased). The cloth must be rinsed from time to time. Mushrooms will be ready in 30-40 days. After that, they must be rearranged to a cold place.


mushroom recipes

Cold pickling mushrooms at home.

Many may be outraged, how are they? They were not heat treated, and therefore potentially dangerous. Not really. If the recipe is properly maintained, even the most notorious skeptics will not tear it away from goodies.

For 1 kg of mushrooms (in our case it is a breast), you will need:

salt — 40 g;
dill — 1 bunch;
bay leaf -1 pc.;
garlic — 5-6 cloves;
horseradish root, peppercorns to taste.

Let’s cook:

1. Gruzdy — conditionally edible mushrooms. They secrete a special bitter “milk”. Therefore, before salting, they must not only be washed, but also soaked. For this, peeled mushrooms are laid out in a convenient container. We put oppression on top (a regular plate is enough, the main thing is that the hats do not float). Pour with plenty of cold water.

In this condition, the workpiece should stand for 2-3 days. Drain the liquid 2-3 times a day and pour fresh.

2. After the set time, we discard the mushrooms in a colander. And while the remnants of the liquid flow down, we will prepare a salting mixture.

3. In a separate bowl we shred or knead all spices and herbs. Pour salt and mix.

4. We take a small glass jar and lay out mushrooms and spicy mixture in layers. Try to fit the pieces tightly. You can use any convenient means at hand for tampering.

5. The final layer is salt with spices. The jar is not tightly closed (you can put oppression on top) and send it to the refrigerator. After 30-40 days, the delicacy is ready.

Mushrooms are always crispy and fragrant. In principle, you can add any other spices or complement the ones suggested. But to score the taste of the product is not worth it. The minimum set of spices for salting, and chopped onions and butter when serving — that’s all.

Picking mushrooms.

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