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Pickled lemons.

Pickled lemons.

Pickled lemons.

Pickled lemons. Recipes from a lemon, blanks.
And you solite lemons? No? Do you think that this is no common sense? In fact, the lemons are sold all year round, it is not mushrooms and rainbow smelt. Why, they ask, their salt?

The fact is that after exposure to a steep brine few weeks lemons acquire a very special taste and aroma. And if the brine to add spices and aromatic herbs, you get quite a wonderful bouquet. Finely chopped pickled lemons are used as a seasoning for various dishes.

Especially benefiting from such a company chicken, and in general, any fried or baked bird. Very good pickled lemons with fish. Typically, this condiment is associated with Moroccan cuisine. Indeed, it is added to many dishes Maghreb. Most tagines contain an ingredient pickled lemons. However, the lemons grown in Russia and salted with spices from the time of Tsar Peter I.

I cook with these lemon chicken, turkey, pork, sea fish. Adding sweet spicy brine instead of salt in various sauces and marinades. Try it and you make a couple of jars of different aromatic additives, the most popular of which are: cinnamon, bay leaf, pepper. But first salting lemons with rosemary.

For the first option:

7 small lemon / rosemary few sprigs
7 Art. l. large sea salt

At the bottom of the banks put a few sprigs rozmarina.S two sides do four lemons crosswise cuts. Densely laid lemons in a jar.

Add a few sprigs of rosemary. Fall asleep salt. Of the remaining three lemons squeeze out the juice. Pour the juice in a jar with lemons.

Bank of tight-fitting lid and turn down. At the same time it is worth checking how tightly sealed jars.

A few hours later we turn the lid upwards. For several days should turn the jar back and forth to lemons
prosolilis evenly. The juice will gradually withdraw from the salted lemons, and they have completely covered with brine.

For the second option:

7 small lemons / 2 cinnamon sticks / bay leaf
dried chili / 7 Art. l. large sea salt

We prepare the same way as the lemon and rosemary, but instead put the cinnamon, bay leaf and hot pepper. By the way, you can add salt and lemons do without spices.

Pickled lemons can be eaten in a couple of weeks, but I advise you to be patient and wait at least a month — the taste and aroma becomes much more intense.


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