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Quick and easy appetizers.

Green pepper in oil in Georgian style.

Quick and easy appetizers.

Today I want to offer you a very tasty snack — green pepper in oil. Preparing this pepper is very simple and fast, and eaten even faster! Perchik fits perfectly with meat, lobio, and with fried potatoes, you lick your fingers! Quick and easy appetizers.

Quick and easy appetizers.

In Georgia, there are two recipes with this pepper: it is pepper in oil and simply salted. Now the most important thing. I can not tell you the exact name of this pepper, some call it «Tsitsak», and we just call it «green pepper» (not sharp). For this recipe, the pepper should be large, fleshy, yellowish and, most importantly, not sharp.

For the recipe, I took 2 kg of pepper. For those who do not like coriander, it can be completely replaced with celery and parsley.

Preparation — 30 minutes

Recipe for: — 12 people


sweet green pepper — 2000 g
garlic — 100 g
coriander fresh — 35 g
celery greens — 40 g
parsley herbs — 40 g
salt of coarse grinding — 2 tbsp. l.
sugar 45 g
sunflower oil — 250 ml
White wine vinegar — 350 ml


Pepper is well washed and allowed to dry slightly. We need to cut the tail and cut the tip (so the pepper will absorb the whole flavor better).

Wash greens and garlic and cut into large pieces. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour oil, vinegar (I always use only 6% of Italian vinegar). Add salt and sugar. Put on the fire and allow to boil.

When the salt and sugar completely dissolve, add the pepper (portions), mix and cook, stirring, 5-7 minutes (pepper should change color).

Ready pepper is transferred to a bowl and repeat the same with the rest of the pepper. After pepper in the same marinade, we add greens and garlic, stir and cook for 3-5 minutes (the greens should change color).

When the greens are ready, we add our pepper to it, gently stir and remove from the fire. Ready hot pepper tightly spread on sterile jars, pour the remains of the marinade and cover with lids. From this amount I obtained 1 bank 900 g and 3 cans for 500 g.

Ready pepper to store in the refrigerator. How delicious and fragrant it is! I wish I could give you this wonderful scent. Bon Appetit!


Quick and easy appetizers.

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