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Recipes for chicken.

Recipes for chicken.

Recipes for chicken.

Recipes for chicken. «MARBLE ROOLET»

Marble roll from chicken with gelatin, cooked in a bag, in the oven. Recipes for chicken.

This name, roll got because of its appearance. And in preparation, it is, very, simple. No special skills are required. A set of products you will need is always available. Always at hand is chicken and spices.

Marble roll from chicken with gelatin. You can safely call the dietary dish. Fat there at least, and this is important.


chicken fillet — 700 g;
Instant gelatin — 30 g;
garlic — several denticles;
paprika powder — 1 tablespoon;
black ground pepper and salt — a pinch;
a mixture of Mediterranean herbs — 1 teaspoon.

Recipes for chicken.


We will start traditionally by preparing our chicken fillet — we will wash it under running water, dry it with napkins and cut it into small pieces — about 2 х 2 centimeters. Peel the garlic with a sharp knife. Now in a separate platelet we mix all the necessary dry ingredients: gelatin, black ground pepper, ground paprika, salt and a mixture of Mediterranean herbs.

To pieces of chicken meat, add crushed garlic and a dry mixture of gelatin and spices. Stir, better with your hands.

Bake this beauty, we will be in the sleeve. Everything is densely packed and fixed from two sides — it turns out such a sweet. We spread it into the form — for this purpose a rectangular silicone mold has successfully come up. The roll in the oven is baked for 40-40 minutes. When it cools down, it can be removed from the sleeve and cleaned in the cold. The blessing now winter and I with calm soul have taken out it or him for the night on a balcony. The roulette is very good — the main thing to use a sharp knife. It turns out that such a beautiful «marble» pattern.

Bon Appetit!


Recipes for chicken.

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