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recipes for salads.

sprats — 1 pot;
Eggs boiled — 2 pieces;
carrots — 1 piece;
potatoes — 2 pcs .;
Cheese hard — 100 g;
mayonnaise — to taste.


recipes for salads.

Potatoes and carrots pre-cook, cool and grate on medium grater.

Spread the sprats in a separate bowl, draining the oil, and mash with a fork.

Three pieces left intact for decoration. Put a sprat on the plate with the sides, on top of the rubbed potatoes.

Between them, apply mayonnaise is not worth it, because there are enough oils in sprats, but if there is a desire, you can add.

Potatoes grease with mayonnaise and put on top of the rubbed carrots.

Eggs also grate on grater. On the carrots smeared with mayonnaise, lay eggs and apply mayonnaise.

Grate the hard cheese and cover it with the whole salad. Decorate the top of the salad «Ocean» with whole fish and greens.

Bon Appetit!




Vegetables in provence.

** 87 calories per 100 gr **


Marrow — 1 pc.
Eggplant — 1 pc.
Tomato — 4 pcs.
Cheese of hard varieties — 80 g.
Garlic cloves — 4 pcs.
Basil green fresh — 2 sprigs
Salt and spices — to taste
Olive oil — 0.5 tbsp.


1. Tomatoes and zucchini (eggplant) thoroughly rinse and cut into slices.

2. Cut the cheese into slices. We alternate with each other circles of courgettes, tomatoes and cheese, garlic with thin plates.

3. Pre-grease the dishes with vegetable oil.

4. Prepare the fill, mix the oil, salt, pepper, basil, garlic. The prepared mixture is watered zucchini and bake them in the oven until cooked.

5. Sprinkle with cheese and another 3 minutes in the oven. Ready dish sprinkle with greens!

Bon Appetit!



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