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Recipes with ground chicken.

Chicken cutlets with baked vegetables.

Recipes with ground chicken.

Appetizing cutlets with a vegetable garnish of aubergines and tomatoes. Recipes with ground chicken.

PORTS: 6 servings
CALORIUM: 120 kcal


Chicken (thigh) — 800 g
Onion (onion) — 100 g
Eggplant — 2 pcs.
Tomatoes — 5 pcs.
Olive oil)

Pass the chicken thighs together with the onions through the meat grinder. Add salt. Pepper.

Give any desired shape. Roast on both sides in a heated frying pan with vegetable oil.

Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Put a whole eggplant and tomatoes on a baking sheet. Pour into the oven for 40-50 minutes (until cooked).

Get the vegetables. Peel off the peel. Finely slice.
Transfer tomatoes and eggplant into two separate bowls. Fill each portion with olive oil. Add salt. Pepper to taste.
Serve with cutlets.


Recipes with ground chicken.


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