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Rolls of ham with cheese and Korean carrots.

Rolls of ham with cheese and Korean carrots.

An original, very tasty buffet meal with ham, egg and melted cheese.

Today I want to show you one more original, very tasty and favorite snack. It is very popular on family holidays and celebrations. These are ham rolls with cheese and Korean carrots. Cooking this snack is very simple. Even a novice cook can easily cope with it.


Ham (chopped) — 200 g
Processed cheese — 1 pc.
Carrots in Korean — 20 g
Egg of chicken — 2 pcs.
Mayonnaise — 1-2 tablespoons.
Salt — optional
Black pepper powder — to taste.

Rolls of ham with cheese and Korean carrots.

Step-by-step recipe:

Prepare all the products listed. Eggs wash, cook for 10 minutes, cool in cold water, peel off the shell.

Fused cheese before cooking should be in the refrigerator, and even in the freezer it can be put on for a while, then it will be easy to grate it. So, rub the melted cheese, finely chop the Korean carrots, add them to a comfortable deep bowl.

Add grated boiled eggs. It is necessary to have a pepper, but whether to add salt — at your request.

We fill the appetizer with mayonnaise, mix well. In fact, you will get an analogue of the original snack, only a little more interesting and tasty at the expense of Korean carrots. Garlic is not worth adding, it is more than enough in carrots.

Now spread a slice of ham, put a full spoonful of previously prepared snacks on it and carefully fold it with a tube. The ham will keep the shape well if it is very thinly sliced, but it is also possible to fasten the toothpick.

The same is done with the remaining products. Ready rolled ham rolls are piled on a flat dish, covered with food film and sent to the refrigerator before filing.

Ready-made rolls are served as a snack for strong spirits. And it’s good the next morning with tea or coffee, if, of course, something remains)))

Rolls of ham with cheese and Korean carrots are ready, enjoyable!


Rolls of ham with cheese and Korean carrots.

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