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Salad «Christmas wreath».

Salad «Christmas wreath».

Salad «Christmas wreath».  Healthy salad recipes.

Ingredients Salad «Christmas wreath».

• solid cream cheese — 50-70 g;
• processed cheese — 1 piece;
• celery root — 100 g;
• Carrots — 2 pieces;
• Quail eggs — 7 pieces;
• parsley — 1 bunch;
• Garlic — 3-4 cloves;
• butter — 20 g;
• mayonnaise — 80-100 g

How to cook? Salad «Christmas wreath»

1. One carrots and celery should be cleaned and grate, and then fry in butter until tender and cool.
2. Boil the quail eggs and chop. Hard cheese grate, and processed cheese and pre-cooled grate.
3. Mix all the ingredients, adding to them crushed garlic, then season salad with mayonnaise.
4. Decorating dishes. From the resulting mass necessary to form a festive wreath. To do this you need to put food at the center of the jar and put it around the ring. Parboiled parsley and spread on a salad, simulating spruce twigs. For the ribbons used boiled carrots, which is cut along the thin slices and decorated with «Stitch» mayonnaise.

Salad "Christmas wreath"


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