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Salad of tuna

Salad of tuna.

Recipes for salads.

Cooking time: 20 min.
Energy value: 167 kcal.
Designed for 4 courses.

160 grams of salad leaves mixture;
3 cherry tomatoes;
4 anchovy fillets in oil;
20 g capers;
12 sun-dried tomatoes in oil;
1 can of canned in tuna fish oil;
4 steep eggs;
1 red onion;
1 branch of parsley, basil, dill;
2 feathers of green onions;
10 ml of wine vinegar;
salt pepper;
olive oil.

1. Mix in a large bowl of salad leaves, parsley leaves, basil and dill, chopped onions of onions.
Cherry tomatoes cut into four pieces and mix with salad.

2. Eggs should be cut into large pieces. Grind the anchovies and dried tomatoes, chop the capers and mix with the salad.
Sprinkle with wine vinegar.
Try the taste and, if necessary, podsolit and pepper.

3. Tuna parse into small pieces.
Cut the red onions into rings.
Add to the salad and stir.
Salad dressing with olive oil.


Salad of tuna

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