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Salad with chicken.

Salad with chicken, carrots and salted cucumber.

Salad with chicken.

A simple and hearty meat salad with smoked chicken, cucumber and carrots is perfect for both everyday and festive table.
There are many options for salads and snacks with smoked chicken. It has a bright taste and aroma, besides it is perfectly combined with many ingredients. I suggest preparing a spicy salad of smoked chicken, carrots and salted cucumber. If you are preparing a salad on a festive table, you need to show imagination and decorate the dish. Prepare this salad will be able to even a person who has a minimal culinary experience.

Smoked chicken breast — 500 g
Carrots (large) — 1 pc.
Pickled cucumber — 200 g
Potatoes — 2 pcs.
Green onion — 10 g
Dill — several branches
Salt — to taste
Mayonnaise — to taste

• Cooking time: 30 min
• 190 kcal per 100 g

I’m preparing the products on the specified list.
Carrots and potatoes are mine, boil until cooked. I take the vegetables in a bowl, let them cool.
At this time, I remove the bones from the chicken breast, cut it into cubes.

Pickled cucumber, too, cut into cubes. Mine and cut the greens.
Potatoes and carrots are peeled off the top peel. Cooked carrots cut into cubes (a little carrots I save for decoration). I also prepare potatoes.

In a large bowl I combine the sliced ​​products: potatoes, carrots, greens, salted cucumber, smoked chicken breast.

I mix the ingredients. I add mayonnaise and salt to taste. I stir the salad well.
A simple but very tasty salad with chicken, carrots and pickles is ready!
I adorn the salad with carrots and greens. Enjoy your meal!


Salad with chicken.

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