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Salad with shrimps

Salad with shrimps and orange

A bright and unusual salad with shrimps and orange, in which the prawns and oranges are harmoniously combined. Fresh and juicy accent for your festive table.

Preparation: 15 m
Preparation: 10 m


Orange: 1 pc.
Shrimps: 150 gr.
Cucumber: 1piece.
Mayonnaise: to taste.
Salt: to taste.

Salad with shrimps and orange


1. Shrimp defrosted clean, remove the intestines from the back, with the help of a notch. In the frying pan we heat butter, literally 1 tsp. and put the shrimp, fry the shrimp for 3 minutes, sprinkle with orange juice, remove from the fire, if desired, you can salt.
2. Cut the orange in half and take out the flesh with a spoon.
3. We remove the pulp of orange from the film, cut into pieces. Cucumber cut into thin petals with the help of vegetable peelings. Fold the orange, shrimp and cucumber together.
4. Add the mayonnaise to the salad. sour cream or natural yogurt to taste.


Salad with shrimps


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