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Sandwiches «Ladybug».

Sandwiches «Ladybug».

Best sandwich recipes. Sandwiches «Ladybug».

Ingredients. Sandwiches «Ladybug»:

toast or toasted slices of white bread — 8-10 pieces;
fresh tomatoes — 4-5 pieces;
hard cheese — 150 g;
olives pitted — 10-12 pieces;
mayonnaise; Garlic — 2-3 cloves;
dill and parsley — a few sprigs.

Sandwiches «Ladybug». How to cook?

1 step. Cheese should be grate, add the chopped garlic and mayonnaise, stir until a thick paste, which should be spread on toast or bread.

Step 2. Tomatoes cut in half. With a sharp knife with one edge on the half cuts are made in the form of wings.

Step 3. Some olives — by the number of ladybugs — also cut in half. The remaining olives should be cut into strips.

Step 4. Sandwiches are decorated with ladybirds, which are collected from tomatoes and olives.

Sandwiches "Ladybug".


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