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Sangria — one of the most popular cocktails of Spain, based on red wine and fruit. Depending on the season you can prepare a winter version (with a warming spicy spices) and summer (refreshing with mint and ice) version of the drink. I will share with you a recipe for sangria red wine blend of brandy, orange juice (citrus sangria — must have) and fruits.

Sangria was stronger punch, and very quickly began its intoxicating effect. So if you decide to prepare sangria for guests, be ready :-))). Overall, a very nice sangria and fragrant thing. Which is much more pleasant to drink in good company than just a sip of red wine.

Cocktail ingredients.


Dry red wine — 750 ml (1 bottle)
Cognac — 100 ml.
Orange juice — 300 ml. (To make the drink less alcohol can increase the amount of juice and 500 ml).
Sugar — 3-4 tbsp


Strawberries (can be frozen) — 5 pcs.
Peaches (I have canned) — 1 large or 2 small
Tangerines — 2 pcs
Lemon — 1 pc.
Sprig of mint or a small cinnamon stick — to choose from
Ice supply (optional)
Lemon and mandarin cut into thin circles or semicircles, peaches and apples — diced or sliced, can be cut in half or leave whole berries.

Mix in a large bowl with the brandy and sugar. To add fruit and leave for 8 hours in a refrigerator. A great option, cut all the morning and in the evening to prepare sangri

At present, add fruit juice and chilled wine. Dobalvyaem leaves of mint or cinnamon, based on the situation or the weather :-))) Give the brew for about 15 minutes and poured into glasses, cups, kosushkam, mugs, wine glasses — wherever your heart desires!

In hot weather, when applying, you can add ice.
Fab weekend you !!!



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