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Scrambled eggs with bacon.

Scrambled eggs with bacon.

Simple snacks on the table recipes with.

Rolled omelette and bacon with mustard for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with bacon.
Omelet with bacon — one of the classic embodiment of the English breakfast. Contrary to all advice dietitians, Englishman eating 2 eggs a day boiled or scrambled eggs. However … not sure if this is true, just as in the days of Victorian England, but the scrambled eggs with all sorts of fillings is still inseparable from the concept of «gentleman’s breakfast.»
So, make an omelet with bacon.

Ingredients for the recipe:

eggs — 4 pieces,
bacon — 8 strips
Mustard -2 table. spoons,
Oil — 1 table. a spoon,
1/2 cup of milk,
hot pepper, salt.

How to cook an omelet with bacon.

Omelet recipe in the oven with lush photos.

Stir in a bowl whisk eggs, milk, salt to form an air mass.
Lubricating oil a small baking tray and pour the mixture. Heat the oven to 160 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes. In a Teflon frying pan lightly fry the bacon.

Spread on paper to absorb excess fat. Extract from the oven omelet, we give it a little cool, and cut into equal pieces, sprinkle with pepper. Lubricate mustard each strip of bacon on one side. On a large plate lay two strips of bacon, mustard smeared on top — a piece of omelet.

Carefully displace a small roll and sealed zubochistkami.Tak perform with remaining slices. We’ve got 4 Roll the omelet with bacon.
We place it back in the pan and put in the oven under the grill for a few minutes to slightly browned bacon and bought a beautiful color. Delicious omelettes you!

Scrambled eggs with bacon.


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