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Simple appetizers.

Mushrooms marinated in a home-style.

Simple appetizers.

Small champignons — 1 kg;
Onion 350 g;
Garlic — 10 denticles;
Dill — 50 g;
Pepper black peas — 5 pcs.;
Bay Leaf — 5 g;
Table vinegar 9% — 50 ml;
Vegetable oil — 70 ml;
Salt, sugar.

Champignons rinse, discarded in a colander and allowed to drain water.
Peel and cut onions with feathers or half rings. Garlic and dill chop (a couple of twigs left for decoration).

A sauté pan or a pot with a thick bottom should be placed on a stove for a strong fire.
Put the black pepper into the saucepan and let it warm up.

Then put the mushrooms and fry in a hot sauté pan (without oil!), Constantly stirring the spoon, so that they do not burn, until the mushrooms start to give juice.

Then add the salt, bay leaf and continue to mix.
Mushrooms will give a maximum of their moisture and will appear as if in a broth.

Add onion and cook together 5-7 minutes.
Then enter table vinegar, sugar to taste and simmer for another 5-10 minutes with the addition of garlic and dill.

Try for salt — it will be better if the pickle is slightly salted.
Add the vegetable oil, stir and leave to cool

It will be better if the mushrooms leave marinated in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.
Then put the mushrooms in a salad bowl, decorating with fresh branches dill.


Simple appetizers.

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