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Skewers of chicken.

Skewers of chicken with pineapple.

Snacks on banquet table recipes. Skewers of chicken.


2 pcs. — chicken breasts
2 tbsp. l. — sesame
1/2 pcs. — Ananas;
1 PC. — Bell pepper
2 tbsp. l. — Vegetable oil
1 tbsp. l. — sugar
2 pcs. — Clove of garlic
1/2 Art. l. — Molotogo koriandra
2 tbsp. l. — Soevogo sousa
1/4 Art. l. — Krasny burning ground pepper

Skewers of chicken.


1. All Smeshayte produkty for marinada.
2 chicken breasts narezhte tonkimi long poloskami. Ananas and perets — kubikami.

Skewers of chicken.

3. Derevyannye shpazhki zamochite nA 30 minutes vode. Posle chego nanizyvayte at them accordion chicken strips. Between each bend nanizyvayte the pepper, the ananas.
4. Chicken nA shpazhkah dip in marinad and ostavte nA 40 minutes. Posle chego obsypte sesame vylozhite on protiven and zapekayte in nagretoy 180 gradusov duhovke primerno 20 minutes — do zazharistogo Colours. The 1 thing okalo 85 kcal.

Skewers of chicken.

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