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Slow cooker beef stew.

Beef stewed in Argentine.

Slow cooker beef stew.

Stew recipe.

Ingredients Slow cooker beef stew:

Beef 860 g

Lard 120 g

Onion 300 g

Slow cooker beef stew.

Sweet pepper 400 g

Thyme 8 g

Vegetable oil 80 ml

Lemon 1 piece

Garlic 20 g

Sugar 20g

Pepper ground black to taste

Ground red pepper to taste

Salt to taste

How to prepare Slow cooker beef stew.

1. Cut beef into cubes 2×2 cm. Cut onion and garlic, bacon cut into small cubes, fry in vegetable oil, add meat and fry too.
2. Then transfer to a portioned clay pots, add water to cover the meat, season with salt, black and red pepper, thyme and stew. Shortly before the meat is ready, add the chopped sweet pepper pods, and after 15 minutes — grated lemon peel and sugar pieces. Serve with boiled friable rice.


Slow cooker beef stew.


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