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Smoked sausage recipes for dinner.

Salad «Venice» with sausage.

Smoked sausage recipes for dinner.

I have been preparing salad «Venice» with sausage for many years. He, I can say, «on duty». A big plus of this salad is that for him nothing needs to be boiled in advance. If the desired products will be in your refrigerator, then the salad can be cooked for one or two.

Try to use not very salty sausage, so that the salad is not salty. Also, do not use very sharp Korean carrots so that it does not score the taste of other products. I do not add salt to this salad, but it’s a matter of taste. Salad can be prepared for everyday life, and on a festive table.

Prepare the necessary products.


Smoked sausage — 200 g
Carrots in Korean — 140 g
Corn canned — 1 can
Cucumber fresh large — 1 pc.
Cheese hard — 150 g
Mayonnaise — to taste


Cut strawberries into smoked sausage. Cut the fresh cucumber first with a shake and then with a straw.

Cucumbers and sausage in a salad bowl, add a Korean Korean carrot. Hard cheese grate on a small grater.

Add the cheese to the salad bowl and mix thoroughly all the ingredients.
Add the corn from the can and mayonnaise.

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients again and serve a salad «Venice» with sausage to the table. If you cook for the festive table, then you can decorate the salad if you wish.
Bon Appetit!


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