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Squash sandwiches: healthy breakfast

Squash sandwiches

Squash sandwiches: healthy breakfast

Squash sandwiches: healthy breakfast — useful and incredibly delicious sandwiches are loved in our family by both adults and children. Ruddy zucchini pancakes are joined together by a tender, slightly melted cheese filling, with a light garlic flavor.

Preparation: 10 m
Preparation: 30 m
Servings: 7 servings


Squash (small size): 2 pcs.
Flour: 7 tbsp. (without a slide)
Egg: 2 pcs.
Salt, pepper — to taste.

Squash sandwiches: healthy breakfast


Cheese: 100 gr.
Mayonnaise: 1.5 tsp.
Garlic: 3 cloves
Green onions: 3 feathers.


Squash sandwiches: healthy breakfast

1. Zucchini rubbed on a large grater, add eggs, spices and salt, mix.
2. Add flour and mix. Frying is desirable immediately, so that the vegetable marrow does not give water.
3. For the filling we rub cheese on a large grater, mixed with mayonnaise.
4. Chop onion and mix with cheese. Garlic is cleaned and squeezed through the press, the filling is mixed.
5. For a well-heated frying pan lay out 2 tablespoons. — it’s pancakes, fry on medium heat from both sides to the desired color and readiness of pancakes.
6. We put the stuffing on the hot pancakes.
7. Cover with the second freshly prepared pancake and well weighed to make the cheese melt.
8. So we do with all the sandwiches.

Ready to serve sandwiches with sauce for your taste. Very tasty when hot.


Squash sandwiches: healthy breakfast

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