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Steam Turkey cutlets with herbs.

Steam Turkey cutlets with herbs.

If you watch your weight or stick to a healthy diet. Steam Turkey cutlets with herbs. The recipe for dietary cutlets from turkey is perfect for these purposes. In addition, that it is very useful, so the food is also delicious.

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Servings: 4

You will need:

— Turkey fillet 600 grams;
— Onion (100g) 1 pc.;
— 100 g of Parsley;
— ½ tsp salt;
— Beans green beans 400g;

How to cook:

1. The meat of turkey breast grind to a state of homogeneous minced in a blender or meat grinder together with the bulb. Adding a lot of finely chopped parsley, salt.

2. Mince and mix thoroughly wet hands make burgers. We put in a steamer so that between the meatballs had a bit of free space.

3. Select the desired cooking time. For medium sized meatballs suffice 20 minutes (10 seconds per side), so that they are ready.

4. In the second container pour the beans (if there is fresh, the pre-wash it and cut off the stems), set the capacity of the meatballs and cover with lid. Cooking beans should be about 10 minutes.

5. Ready-made burgers have to lose a pink hue, including the inside.

6. Serve with beans. Beans will be unsalted, so you can pour a little soy sauce its feeding.


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