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Sun-dried tomatoes.

Sun-dried tomatoes.

Sun-dried tomatoes. 

How to cook dried tomatoes in the oven. 

Sun-dried tomatoes. This recipe allows you to create an excellent preparation, which is with the same pleasure will be met in the usual cucumber-tomato salad and borscht, and in more rare dishes on your table (eg, pizza). Tomatoes at a drying retain a lot of vitamins, although drying in the sun and retains much more useful substances.

fresh tomato recipes.

We will need these ingredients:
Tomatoes — 1.5 kilograms,
Olive oil or sunflower oil — 1 liter
Garlic — 3 cloves,
Spices, condiments and herbs — to taste.

How  jerk tomatoes at home.

The method of preparation, how to prepare dried tomatoes in the oven:

1 Tomatoes must be clean and allow to dry. Then — cut them into quarters and remove the seeds with a soft core. In fact, from your tomatoes should remain only the outer shell, covered with skin — the rest can be spent on the preparation of sauces or tomato juice later.

2 Spread on baking parchment for baking. Tightly lay on his tomatoes. Sprinkle them with salt and spices (to taste). The oven heat up to 80 degrees Celsius and maintained at that temperature, then place the pan with tomatoes inside.

3 Approximate cooking time sundried tomatoes — seven to eight hours, but much depends on the thickness of the resulting slices of tomato and sizes. Tomatoes should be much reduced in size and skukozhilas. At the touch of a tomato should be like dried fruit: be resilient and keep the shape when squeezed. Desiccate tomatoes is highly undesirable.

4 Place the tomatoes in a jar, fill it with oil so that it covered the tomatoes completely. Then the workpiece will not spoil. In the oil, add the dried herbs, garlic and spices — then the tomatoes absorb their flavor through the oil. Bank desirable to sterilize, and the finished product — roll. Store can be at room temperature, most importantly — without exposure to the sun’s rays. Open cans can only keep in the refrigerator.

About the dish:

Traditionally, products that can be seamlessly jerk, considered only meat and fish. Recipes of dried meat and dried fish known to mankind for a very long time, and it is thanks to them that travelers can stock up a large number of provisions, not overloading themselves overweight. The fact that the jerky as nutritious as fresh — only it contains much less water, thus reducing the actual weight.

However, this process of evaporation of excess moisture and is fully applicable to certain vegetables. For example, sun-dried tomatoes — traditional Italian cuisine for an item that allows you to cook the most delicious pizza, and many other traditional Italian dishes. Such preparation, as small sun-dried tomatoes can be cooked at home — it’s simple enough, though, and take a long time.


dried tomatoes

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