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Taco with chicken.

Taco with chicken.

Taco with chicken.

Taco with chicken. We need the following ingredients:

Bulgarian pepper — 40 g,
Mushroom mushrooms — 20 g,
Cheese hard — 30 g,
Chili sauce — 15 g,
Chicken fillet — 25 g,
Pork — 25 g,
Sour cream — 70 g (20 g in the filling, 50 g in the saucepan),
Corn pockets «Taco» — 2 pcs.
Red haricot bean — 30 g,
Salt — 2 g,
Seasoning grill, pinch
Sunflower-seed oil — 20 g
Chocolate sauce — 50 g

Ingredients for chocolate sauce:

Tomatoes in own juice — 40 g
Salt — 5 g
Cinnamon — pinch
Chocolate black — 5 g
Chili powder ground — pinch
Honey — to taste

Taco with chicken and pork.

Method of preparation, how to cook:
We cut Bulgarian pepper with straws.

We heat the frying pan to 120 degrees, pour a little oil and add chopped pepper into it.
We chop the champignons into slices and we also send them to the frying pan.

We refill the contents of the frying pan with boiled beans, fry for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add meat: chicken fillet and pork.
We stir until the meat is ready.

Now add the flavoring seasonings: salt, seasoning grill, chili.
And then sauce «Chile» and sour cream.

And mix the contents.
Take Tako’s pocket and put a stuffing in it.

So that our filling does not flow, sprinkle on top with cheese, which will securely secure it.
Our «Taco» is ready.

We were advised to lubricate (or dunk) the slices in sour cream and chocolate sauce before consumption.





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