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Tartlets Royal Pearl.

Tartlets Royal Pearl.

Tartlets Royal Pearl.

Tartlets Royal Pearl. Ingredients:

tartlets puff dough — 250 g;
Dutch cheese — 50 g;
cheese soft cream — 120 g;
1 egg;
fillet of smoked eel — 100 g;
caviar — 50 g;
pitted olives — 50 g;
mayonnaise — 1 tablespoon;
Avocados — 1 piece;
flour — 1 tablespoon.

Tartlets Royal Pearl.

How to cook?

1 puff pastry should be thawed, roll out to a thickness of 0.5 cm, if necessary, and with the help of molds for cupcakes cut asterisks — the basis for future pearl shells. Top them with a knife to make small incisions need to simulating undulating surface of the shell.

2. These sprockets must be lightly sprinkled with flour, put on a baking sheet, which should be lubricated with oil. On top of the asterisk is necessary to put the yolk, by which baking will be rosy and appetizing. Prepare sprocket at a temperature of 200 degrees about 14-15 minutes.

3. Make the filling for a snack. To do this, remove the bones of eel, peel the avocado and remove the pulp from it. Ingredients with soft cheese are loaded into the blender and milled to form a paste.

4. Ready-made and chilled with an asterisk must be carefully open with a knife, like seashells, and then fill nachinkoy.

5. To decorate the shells used grated cheese, red caviar and olives, which mimic the black pearl.


Tartlets with red caviar and butter.

This is the simplest recipe for making holiday tartlets. The most bright taste is precisely red salted caviar.


Red caviar — 120 gr.
Butter — 120 gr.
Tartlets — 15 pcs.


Butter is softened a little.
Spread a piece of butter on the bottom of the tartlet.

Put red caviar on top.
When serving, you can decorate with greens.
From greens with red caviar, dill is most combined.



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